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Introducing CombiNumerals Pro!

This is the coolest collection of CD/DVD labeling fonts we've ever seen! CombiNumerals Pro was designed for all your labeling needs. You can create all sorts of circled or boxed numbers, letters and symbols perfect for track titles, disc numbers, jewel case inserts, liner notes, and more. Here are just a few of the unlimited symbols you can create with this font:

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Included in the CombiNumerals Pro package are five new symbol fonts: CombiSymbols One, Two & Three — each containing an assortment of symbols ideal for web graphics, Flash animation, packaging, brochures, maps, etc. — and CombiSymbols CD and DV.

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CombiSymbols CD was designed for people creating artwork and packaging for compact discs. It contains ALL of the Compact Disc logos from the Phillips "Color" books (official specifications), plus many other media symbols and logos appropriate for audio, data, software CDs and more. Here are just a few of the symbols included in the font:

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CombiSymbols DV contains ALL of the logos, icons and symbols you need for marking DVD discs, including surround sound logos for Dolby, DTS, SDDS, etc., a complete collection of sound mode icons, all of the DVD region code symbols, and a lot more. Here are just a few of them:

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The CombiNumerals Pro font package is compatible with all versions of Windows. A Mac OS version is available from FontSite.com.

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