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LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling

There's a new world emerging in CD/DVD labeling. A world without Sharpies, disc applicators, or even stick-on labels. That world is LightScribe, where your label is 'burned' onto your disc with the same laser used to burn its data.

LightScribe is an exciting new direct-to-disc technology from HP that uses your LightScribe-enabled CD/DVD drive to create silk-screen quality, iridescent labels for your discs. And, of course, SureThing is leading the way as the first dedicated CD/DVD software package supporting the new LightScribe technology.

What is LightScribe?
For us laymen, LightScribe is pretty simple. It is a special disc drive that will label your CDs and DVDs. After you've burned your music, photo or data onto your disc, you flip it over, put it back in the drive and you're ready to print. Hence the LightScribe mantra: "Burn, Flip, Burn!"

The end result ranges from simple to spectacular. The labeled disc has an iridescent quality to it, with the metal surface of the disc itself providing the background. There is no ink to smear or dry. In fact, the disc feels as if it were professionally silk-screened.

What You'll Need
First, you'll need a LightScribe CD/DVD drive. Since LightScribe is new, the first LightScribe-enabled computers will come bundled with a LightScribe drive. Those computers can be purchased in stores now. Coming very soon will be aftermarket drives allowing you to make any computer LightScribe enabled. We expect those drives to hit the market in the first quarter of 2005.

Second, you'll need LightScribe enabled discs. These discs have a special coating that allows the laser to burn the label on them. The drives themselves won't let you use anything else, so you can't damage existing media even if you try using it by mistake. LightScribe media will be slightly more expensive, but not prohibitively so.

Finally, you need great application software and that's where we come in. Only LightScribe certified software can burn LightScribe discs. SureThing is the first dedicated CD/DVD Labeling software to fully support this new technology. And if you're a current SureThing user, the upgrade is free! Click here to get your copy now!

Click here to read the LightScribe FAQ at

Where to Get Media
LightScribe discs will be in high demand in the early going. You can expect to find them in your local computer stores but you may want to call ahead to check availability.

Of course, both and also stock your favorite brands of media, including LightScribe media! Order online and have it delivered to your home or business, and forget hassling with crowds!

Is it Perfect?
LightScribe is a first generation technology. It is miraculous, but not without its imperfections. Luckily, the LightScribe team is aware of them and are already hard at work coming up with new solutions. Here's our wish list:

1. Speed: It takes a bit of time to print a LightScribe disc (Note: data recording speeds are industry standard; we're referring here only to the print burning speed). It takes about a minute for a very simple disc and up to 20 minutes for a disc with a full background. This is the time it takes for the drive to print the disc. It has nothing to do with the SureThing software itself.

The LightScribe team is already addressing this. The first production drives were up to 50% faster than the prototypes we tested. And they have already announced a new coating for the discs that will bump the speed by another 50%, with no change in hardware. That means you can buy a drive now and your investment will be safe.

2. Color: We've been labeling discs a long time and have grown quite fond of full color labels. LightScribe, on the other hand, is a monotone laser technology. The results are very cool, but there are times when there is no substitute for color. Long live SureThing Super Vibrant™ labels!

3. Media Color: There is a single choice for the color of LightScribe discs. We have a feeling that this is another first generation issue, and other colors will arrive in the not-so-distant future. When they do, this will give exciting new results, even with the monochrome technology. Once you start LightScribing labels, if you want colored discs, let your suppliers know. They do listen.

The Future of CD/DVD Labeling?
Does this mean paper labels are dead? Not by a long shot. As we mentioned, color labels are fun and exciting. They are also cost effective and work with any type of discs. There are also a number of other direct-to-disc printers on the market that work wonderfully and also support color (and are supported by SureThing, of course).

LightScribe is a new technology worthy of watching. The promise of speedy labels from the drive that burned the data is exciting. As the technology works its way to notebook drives, the thought of labeling on the go (no printer required) is very attractive. And we're sure the team at LightScribe is dedicated to making this a great technology.

The one thing you can always count on is that SureThing will be there. From paper labels, to inkjets, to LightScribe – SureThing continues to pave the way in disc labeling.

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