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SureThing CD/DVD Labeler Deluxe
 Label all your CDs and DVDs!

The Deluxe Edition is the easiest way to create stunning, professional-looking labels. Supports all major label brands.

Supports LightScribe direct-to-disc labeling!

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File size: 10.8 MB

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We've added all the features most requested by our users, and even improved many of the classics. Here are the top new features in SureThing CD/DVD Labeler Deluxe Edition v4:

Over 5,000 Background and Clipart Images
Photo Touchup & Effects
Make Photo Collage Covers
New Circular, Spiral and "Spoke" Text
Import playlists from iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.
Object Alignment Tools
DVD Labels and Case Inserts
Transfer Your Designs to Other Labels
New Text Drop Shadows and Color Fills
Online Design Gallery
Updated and Enhanced UI


Over 5,000 Backgrounds & Clipart Images
Packed with thousands of incredible new background images, including textures, photographs, gradients and more. If you thought v3 had a lot of backgrounds to choose from, just wait 'til you see v4!

Photo Touchup & Editing
Enhance photos with built-in tools and effects. Crop or rotate an image for the perfect fit, reduce red eye, or even adjust the exposure and sharpness for photos that are too light or dark or out of focus.

Use the Crop tool to improve photo composition and remove unwanted background or blemishes from your photos.
Say goodbye to red-eyes! The SureThing Red-Eye tool lets you remove the most common problem in digital photographs with a single click.
Touchup exposure, brightness, contrast, sharpness and color balance in a straightforward manner that lets you step through various adjustments and pick the one that looks best. You can even step back through changes you've made even after applying them.
For a unique look, apply special effects to photos or backgrounds using the Sepia tone, Colorize, Posterize or Solarize filters. A really quick way to ceate cool background images for you discs! Just like the touchup tool, the effects tool lets you step through various adjustments until you find one you like.

Better Photos for Better Labels Deluxe v4 provides easy-to-use tools for adjusting exposure, constrast, sharpness, color, brightness, and size in just a few clicks.

Original photo

After using crop tool

Adjust exposure & sharpness
Make Photo Collage Covers
Version 4 sports a new Background Collage feature—a fun and easy-to-use tool that lets you quickly assemble any of your digital photos and images to create a custom collage you can use as a background for your label and jewel case designs.


Create matching collage backgrounds for disc labels and jewel case inserts using your digital photos or album cover art.
New Circular, Spiral and "Spoke" Text Effects
We completely revamped the Circular Text tool in v4. You won't believe how easy it is to create, scale and rotate text that follows the contour of CD edges... both inner and outer edges! You can even create spiral and spoke text effects.
Never Type a Song Title Again
Automatically add the artist, track title, album title and playtimes to your CD labels or jewel case using one of the five available methods:
  • Auto-Grab Playlist from CD-Text
  • Internet look-up
  • Import from your MP3 Files
  • Import your MP3 or M3U playlists from popular music players such as Apple iTunes, Windows Media Player, Musicmatch and others

New Alignment Tools
Easily center objects on your labels or align their edges. No more guess work, just a click of the button and it's done.

DVD Labels and Case Inserts
Version 4 has new templates and backgrounds specially designed for DVDs and DVD case inserts. These templates work perfectly with retail-style DVD cases, and the new SmartDesigns make it easy to design disc labels for DVD media.
Transfer Your Designs to Other Labels
Once you've made that perfect CD label, you can now clone your design to make a matching jewel case cover, or apply the same design to anything other label using the new Transfer Design tool.

New Text Drop Shadows and Color Fills
Now you can add drop shadows to any text, anywhere, even standard text you enter (in v3, drop shadows could only be applied to special, text-fx objects). Makes text pop and easier to read on virtually any background.

Updated and Enhanced U.I.
We've made features more easily accessible with new design panels for one-click access to frequently used commands. We've also updated the interface with a new XP style appearance that you can easily customize.
FREE Subscription to our Online Design Gallery
Only SureThing v4 grants you access to a dynamic online gallery of cool new backgrounds and label designs. The SureThing Design Gallery is constantly updated with professional and seasonal designs. Browse it for ideas, or download the designs directly into SureThing CD/DVD Labeler!


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