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SureThing CD/DVD Labeler Deluxe
 Label all your CDs and DVDs!

The Deluxe Edition is the easiest way to create stunning, professional-looking labels. Supports all major label brands.

Supports LightScribe direct-to-disc labeling!

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File size: 10.8 MB

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SureThing Deluxe design window provides all the tools you need to effortlessly design attractive disc labels, jewel cases, case inserts and much more!

Over 6,000 backgrounds and clipart images to choose from!

Import playlists from popular music players such as iTunes and Windows Media Player!

Quickly edit playlist data to display and print exactly the info you want to appear on your labels, jewel cases and case inserts!

Edit, enhance and touchup any of your digital photos you want to include in your label artwork!

SureThing Deluxe not only supports all major label brands, but makes it a snap to change existing designs from one manufacturer to another!

Effortlessly print your designs without wasting labels! SureThing handles all the details to efficiently print single labels or sets of labels!

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