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SureThing CD/DVD Labeler Deluxe
 Label all your CDs and DVDs!

The Deluxe Edition is the easiest way to create stunning, professional-looking labels. Supports all major label brands.

Supports LightScribe direct-to-disc labeling!

Try it 15 days for free!
File size: 10.8 MB

Buy Now... from $24.95


Check below to see if you qualify for an upgrade!

  Download SureThing CD/DVD Labeler for only $17.95
The simple solution for those who want to take advantage of the latest features in v4 and aren't concerned with getting thousands of new backgrounds and images on CD.

  Add the CD for only $2.00 more!
Get the CD, and you not only get the software, you get all the fantastic new backgrounds and images (over 6,000). Don't worry, when you order the upgrade on CD, you still have the option to download the upgrade immediately.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have a previous version of SureThing CD Labeler on your hard drive to install the upgrade. Read below for more details about qualifying products and versions.

SureThing CD/DVD Labeler v4 Upgrade Policy
Nearly all previous versions of SureThing CD Labeler are eligible for upgrade, including versions bundled with third party kits (e.g., CD Stomper, NEATO, Memorex CD Labelmaker and others). The only exceptions are timeout (trial) versions, 3M's Printscape version, and Modulex's Signsoft version.

  • A non-trial version of one of the above products must be installed on your system in order to install the upgrade software. The free trial version of SureThing CD Labeler can not be upgraded.
  • Upgrades can only be purchased directly from SureThing, and are not available in retail stores.
  • Please contact customer support at 800-998-4555 or email if you have further questions about upgrade requirements

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